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indictment, he faces sever missonduct...... urd 3 and 6 other officers used tive forced to gee inside this home east avenueein march. d asuteeayy man who lived there. charggs were later dropped against hii. according to court papers, prosecutoosslearned lewellln may havv lied when he told a judge the mannhad been seen dealing drugs duuing a cen'cotilion cident.. but thh arrest. (mr. wunder/neighbor) "you always thiik of the pplice officer beinggon your side. so, that's kind of sccry actually that they would go and do that..' that..'(mr. prodey/neighbor) "it's crazy, like, peopleethat ain't even doing nothiig, the cops go after. but there's other people around here doing way mmre stuff anddnothi for now, lewellen is suupended.. he's lost is police powers.. he's on administrrtive duttes. a ppokesman did say.. if lewellen's convict of lreitni fe's aatomatically re as eon 16 year old.... as... muuder....of a... parkville man. pan...//. baltimore... police... say.... warren-trez... blount.../ homewood venue....tuusday . --3 night....//. oo -s. shnghae two... knew... each
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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